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Everyone wants their projects done well. But sometimes, it's not as easy as it sounds. 

Your customers expect results, your staff expect paychecks, and there are plenty of technical and operational activities to be done so your business keeps growing.  


Implementing a complex project, while important to business growth, takes focus away from daily business.​ Better call in the experts. 

Lange Consulting Group is a Sydney based project management consulting firm, specialising in Business and Technology projects in Health and Education. 

Established in 2015, Lange Consulting Group has delivered projects valued at more than $30M for public and private organisations, gaining a strong reputation for quality outcomes and "on time, on budget" delivery. 

Our vision is to deliver projects for our customers, helping them to change what they need to change efficiently and smoothly. 

Principal consultant, Simon Lange, leads the team with >20 years experience delivering business and technology transformation programs around the world. 

Simon builds genuine relationships in complex project environments, and knows how to deliver results in challenging situations. Call him on +61 (02) 8005 6923 (Sydney Australia).

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